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At our core, we are Custom Software Developers. We help you divine the optimal path forward, crafting solutions that equally leverage existing resources and new technologies. And we do it absent of technological obsessions or prejudice, within budgets, and yet fanatically dedicated to inspired solutions. We live to meet the next design challenge and over-achieve your expectations.

That’s Delivering Software People Love.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is a tool to help companies articulate or bring to life solutions to problems. It is both an art and a science to turn ideas and concepts into just enough working software to demonstrate your vision to the business.

We are experts at designing, developing and deploying software and services. We offer many services for organizations looking at prototyping and other ways to add value throughout the product development processes. We can typically create working live prototypes within days, sometimes even hours. Some of the things that make up our Rapid Prototyping Service are:

  • Understanding and articulating your strategic intent.
  • Identifying and defining customer problems, needs, and wants.
  • Defining and validating how your product innovation will create a return and lasting value for your customers & business.
  • Design the user experience and workflow.
  • Develop fully functioning prototypes.
  • Define preliminary product requirements along with development plans and estimates.
  • Provide Documents, PowerPoints, and Web Pages to present the information in a structured, logical manor.

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Custom Software Solutions

We’ve got a keen eye on results for your business, because we know that’s what really matters. So, while we might speak to services here with labels, know one thing; it is intrinsically custom. That means a dedication to a thoroughly dynamic approach for you that blends services to meet your unique circumstance.

Ultimately, we find most clients want hand-crafted solutions that truly fit the need. That comes from taking enough time to utterly understand the situation and then applying our deep experience and know-how. From there, together we conceive the plan that defines how our team surrounds yours so that every aspect is covered as we build-out the software your people will love.

From coding a bridge between technology islands, to orchestrating a complete project, we can right-size the job to your needs. Be it a stretch of staff augmentation, a bit of coaching, or simply out-sourcing certain projects, we’re betting we’ll surprise you how cost-effective the right way to do things can be. You’ll only know if you call for that first step, a free, no-obligation consultation.

On-demand Mentoring and Development

Perhaps you know you need a little help, but feel pretty certain your team can pull things through . . . if only they had just a little more insight into this, a bit of extra experience with that, and a few answers over there. Surround Technologies can play that role of advisor too. Sometimes a little consulting can help a lot to confirm an idea and direction. Again, we can package a flexible combination of on-call assistance, mentoring, training, and more across a broad range of disciplines and technologies to support your staff and fill the gaps.

The ROI is there when you consider how many hours you might spend to find that answer, and that assumes you find it and don’t start down a path that you end up having to double-back on. Another expert perspective can be invaluable, especially when it comes early-on in a project. Besides, small engagements are a great way to get to know each other and learn how deep the trust can be. It’s how many of our best relationships start.

Turn-key Solutions

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum, where you just know it’s all more than your team can handle. Whether it’s because of too many competing priorities, skills gaps, or staffing level shortages, you need to plug in an outside solution. You may be considering packaged solutions that don’t meet all the needs because the custom-built route seemed too expensive from what you’ve seen. Or maybe you’re deliberating on outsourcing a project, but you’ve not got the confidence that a provider can pull it off.

No matter. We’d like you to take a deep breath. Then give us a call. You owe it to yourself to have that one conversation that may just lead to the perfect solution from a true partner that delivers on-time, on-budget, and maybe even thought of a few things you didn’t. The number is right there at both the top and bottom of the page.

Managed Application Services

There are a lot of reasons that a Managed Application Services approach may make a lot of sense for some of your application development and maintenance. Maybe you want to train and recruit for new skills, not burden yourself with keeping expertise in an aging code base. Perhaps you want an application or three modernized, but don’t have the skills or time. Or you want your staff focused on new development, not maintaining old technology. There are a dozen good justifications probably.

Whatever the reason, Surround can take the load off of your shoulders of what you just don’t want to bother with anymore. Let us take responsibility for the managing those applications under a service level agreement negotiated to what makes sense for you. With the confidence that your applications will operate as required, you can be freed to take on the new focus you desire. Managed services can also help you smartly manage both risk and costs.

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