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Don’t Fall for this Deceptive Vendor Pitch

Don’t believe everything you hear! Be wary of tool vendors using fear tactics about how hard web development languages are. That’s not the hard part in web application development.

State of the Hardware for Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are here and quickly becoming a big part of the business landscape, especially for deskless workers whose hands are busy with the task at hand. Understanding the maturity of the hardware helps to decide whether they will fit the need of your task and business.

What are Smart Glasses and How Are They Used in Business?

Smart Glasses are the start of the next wave of life’s transformational devices, perhaps having a bigger impact than smart phones have. These wearable computer glasses add information alongside or to what the wearer sees. For businesses, they…

MVC is Not Dead

Over the last 2 years I was in charge of developing a responsive web-based Line of business UI that would compliment an existing WPF UI that used the MVVM pattern. The mission was to reproduce the desktop experience on the web while reusing all the business and validation logic that was developed for the WPF UX.

Try Before You Buy - It's Important

Seeing is believing, so the saying goes. This holds true in software as well. The power of Accelerator is hard for many to believe, so we have demonstrations and trials for you to try before you buy. But, be warned, your mind may be blown!

Recap of Microsoft Build 2016

Another great Microsoft Build conference with some exciting announcements making it a great time to be a .NET Developer.

UX Design Services: Design For Success

User Experience (UX) Design aims to enhance how a user feels when interacting with a system. A system can be anything from a website, web app, desktop software or smart device app for emerging technologies such as smart watches.