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Strategy and Discovery Services
Understand where you are, where you need to be, and how you can get there.

Gain insight into your application portfolio and map a future direction for your business

Application Development and Modernization can be hard and complex work and often difficult to align with business goals and objectives. Especially when Technologies as well as your goals and objectives are constantly changing. However, not doing this will usually be much more expensive and drag the company further behind where it wants to be.

Surround Technologies has been helping companies better understand where they are and how to get to where they need to be with well defined plans that incorporate both tactical needs and long term strategic goals and can be executed in a cost and time frame appropriate for the business. These plans are based on an agile phased approach to development and delivery so that they can be easily adapted as business needs and technologies change. Plan the work, work the plan, measure the progress, assess the process and modify where needed.

Strategic Planning

Drawing on decades of experience and 1,000's of successful development and modernization projects, Surround’s consulting team works with a client’s stakeholders to understand the business’s unique processes, IT environment, and end goals to determine a customer-specific best-fit approach to their applications. Whether you need to build new applications; maintain, transform and evolve existing applications; or a mixture of both, we can provide a strategy to get you there.

Development Strategy and Process Assessment

Surround's Accelerated Software Development process is second to none. But it didn't get there overnight or by magic. Surround's consultants will review your current development strategies, people, processes, and tools and provide a plan to better structure and align them to meet company objectives. To implement a "get it done - results matter" philosophy.

Modernization Strategy and Road Maps

Application Portfolio Analysis

Analysis, Assessment and Scoping

An assessment project in which we define the current state of the company software and the desired future state. Assess project priorities, skills gap, necessary technologies and many other aspects of the project to define a road map for your software development and deliveries.

Business Process Mapping

User Experience Consulting

Project Management

Got the team of experts, and a direction, but need someone to help pull it all together and keep in on track. We get that and we can help. We will