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Top 10 Reasons CIOs Choose Accelerator™

Choosing a product to guide the growth of your companies’ software and IT infrastructure is a big task with many variables to consider. So we’ve decided to find out why our clients chose us above the rest.

There are an endless array of reasons companies select and continue to use Accelerator for their software development. The biggest question we see from our prospective clients is “Why choose you?” Instead of using in-house generated marketing text to talk about our product, we decided to let our clients do that talking for us.

These are the top 10 we identified through customer surveys and interviews with CIOs and technology leaders.

Reduce software release times

1. Reduce software release times

The top reason companies choose Accelerator is — it is very fast.

The combination of Accelerator with Accelerator agile methodologies shortens project release cycles to at least 50% when compared with traditional development and non-iterative project methodologies.

We have customers that have decreased their maintenance release cycles, on average, from 9 months to 4 weeks. For the typical Accelerator customer, new applications are delivered into production between 4 - 16 weeks.

As an extreme example, one of our larger customers compared a solution delivered using Accelerator with their traditional development. The actual Accelerator project took 57% less time from the beginning of analysis to stable production than the estimated traditional project alternative. Keep in mind that was just the estimate.

2. Improve response times to change requests

Accelerator excels at compressing the release times of new solutions, and it really shines when keeping up with the myriad of change requests that pour in from the business after release 1.0 of a solution goes into production.

With Accelerator’s Advanced Agile Architecture and consistent generated code, you get software that can be quickly enhanced and adapted to changing business and technology needs over many years of life. The productivity gains by your employees, customers and partner using the software every day generates even greater return that really adds up over time.

3. Decrease project backlog and improve delivery capacity

With Accelerator your development team can focus on what’s most important: making better applications, doing it faster, with more comprehensive functionality and agile architecture. With the Accelerator your software will exceed expectations all while staying under budget and within business time lines. On top of that you will gain a methodology for better development so you can continue to improve and adapt your operations as time goes on.

4. Fast ongoing ROI and lower software TCO

With release schedules under control, what ultimately drives software development execs and leaders to repeatedly choose Accelerator for all their projects? Money. Software development is an investment into the business and with every investment there is an expected return that increases the bottom line and subsequent company growth. That is the software either increases revenue or decreases costs to achieve the projects return on investment. Projects that are completed faster and with fewer resources are also cheaper and add value sooner. This means the investment, both time and money, are smaller so more projects are justifiable making for happy users and quicker returns.

And, that initial return is just the tip of the iceberg, the lasting value is in the ongoing return over time and the overall low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Surround focuses heavy R&D investments into Accelerator on ensuring the continued development and complete end-to-end change process of an enterprise solution is painless and cheap.

5. No limitations and no proprietary lock-ins

Never again be locked in to a technology that limits your ability to innovate and grow. Never settle for restrictive, incomplete or tactical one-off solutions that deliver underwhelming results, have many limitations, only get you so far and lock you into difficult to support technologies.

Accelerator allows you to build new applications as well as leverage and re-engineer your legacy applications at your pace, combine new and legacy functionality into one unified composite application, use best practices software design and architecture, learn the most modern technology quickly, get superior application performance and reliability, deploy and test applications easily, and quickly enhance and maintain applications for many years all with no dead ends and no limitations to your ability to innovate.

6. Minimal risk and business disruption

Making changes to your system shouldn’t be stressful. Accelerator provides the tools, automation, architecture, standards, and methodologies to minimize risk by reducing project size and complexity and by partializing the project into modular incremental software deliveries. The transformation to modern, non-proprietary, industry-standard software and development happens over time at your pace, with no boundaries and no business disruption.

Accelerator’s Automation reduces effort and helps to ensure your project is on time, in budget and meeting (or exceeding) requirements.

7. Simplify the reuse of your existing legacy systems

Accelerator customers value their new capacity to modernize and integrate with any system they have within their organization, combining new, legacy and many other systems into one seamless unified user experience.

8. Quickly adapt to changing technologies.

The world is changing faster and faster. Devices are being released quicker and quicker. Users are wanting more and better. Accelerator generation wizards, modernization tools, agile architecture and development methodologies allows you to catch up, stay current and even leap frog ahead of the trends and be prepared for the changes you’ll encounter.

9. Increase software adoption and user productivity

Solutions developed with Accelerator have a very high degree of adoption by the business. This is because applications built with accelerator are ready for demonstration on a daily basis involving the users in the process. Additionally, part of Accelerator’s development methodologies is to have demo sessions with the business users every two weeks. These practices combined with the high quality supporting technologies means when an application is ready for rollout, the business is completely behind the decisions that were made and there are no major surprises or obstacles that may hinder adoption.

With Accelerator, developers can handle change requests very quickly allowing them to deliver the last minute tweaks to address the top issues and types of mistakes that are only discovered through field usage. This ultimately accelerates application adoption without the need for training.

10. Embedded Application Management, Monitoring and Control

Software development is always focused on the speed of delivery. In traditional development that speed comes at the price of reduced IT control. Inflexible software design, poor code documentation, scattered code practices, and a lack of application monitoring and performance tuning.

With Accelerator you get speed and flexibility with control allowing you to take control with development configuration and management, security management, performance management and other built-in tools for managing and monitoring your applications.

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