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Developing Smarter Overview

Process and Time

Skeptics pull up a chair for a moment. We know, with so many firms spewing slick marketing pitches (and too often failing to deliver close to the promise), it’s natural that you’d doubt that we could help you to develop smarter. Besides, who are we to suggest that we know how?

Well, Surround is a team of developers that have been at this for a few decades, for one. So we have experience, but more than that, we’ve been in the catbird seat as we constantly work with new clients. It’s allowed us to understand countless development challenges and industries that we never could have been exposed to in more normal career choices. And we’ve translated it all into a best-practices framework that we believe is second to none.

Then, there’s our size. While, we’re deep enough and talented enough to take on most projects, we’re also still small enough to be able to offer mind-numbingly good customer service. We’ll know you and you’ll know us, like the relationship you wish you could find.

Further, we’re both a services firm as well as a products company. Your project doesn’t have to fit into our products, yet we won’t endlessly look for billable hours.

The bottom line is, we’re a partner that is happiest when the relationship is right-sized for maximum effect. The right talent, at a reasonable cost, that meets the goals, delivering software that people love . . . and has a real return-on-investment.

It’s how Surround Technologies got its reputation and has built long-term partnerships. So look through this section further to understand, on a pretty deep level, how we approach it all. Or you could just pick up the phone now and get started on a personalized conversation.


In Business-Led Development and a Culture of Productivity we look at how Business-Led Development aligns the interests of the Business, the Users, and the Development Team to birth the right plan from the start. All the while instilling a Culture of Productivity where the results are what matter the most. Learn how Surround’s disciplined approach to Strategies, People, Processes, and Tools can be leveraged to let you develop smarter.


The page, Accelerated Software Development, reveals our overarching strategy for developing better software, faster. Speed is core to the topic of developer productivity, and it can be found without sacrificing user productivity or architectural elegance and flexibility. It’s like having super powers.


A Modern Approach to Application Modernization suggests that modernization efforts need not be a choice between “Lipstick on the Pig” solutions or a full “Rip and Replace.” Both are, in the end, expensive and risky. The smarter way is an evolutionary process that adapts legacy systems at your pace. It addresses immediate tactical needs as well as strategic long-term goals through low-risk, agile, incremental releases. You can deliver significant gains quickly within a moderate budget!


Productive User Experiences pulls back the covers on how important the subtleties of the user interface and interaction are to real productivity. Usability is a relatively young science and we’ve studied it deeply. And today, users expect intuitive functionality. We’re pleased to report that we can show you how your applications can have that cachet, quickly and easily! The result is happy and productive users, which translates into serious and lasting ROI.


If you need to quickly embrace change then have a look at our Software Design and Architecture. It discusses how best to achieve this now and even faster later. 


Development Efficiency provides insights into how you can get the job done fast with the best results possible because speed is great, but Results are what matter. Don't worry we show you how to get both.