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Business-Led Development & A Culture of Productivity

Time and people are finite resources to your business that you want to harness effectively and efficiently. This is as true for the people developing the software as those tasked with using it. Your development must be focused on what will deliver the greatest value to the business and the process must enable your team to work at peak productivity.

Surround provides exactly that, strategies and solutions that are centered on business-led development and a culture of productivity.


Business-Led Development properly aligns and balances the Business that invests in the software, the People that use it, the Team that delivers it and the Vendors that help you get there to define priorities and requirements based on your business needs and desired outcomes rather than technology solutions alone. In business-led development the overall value to the business, both tactically and strategically, is of the highest importance. This means solutions are chosen to maximize resources and provide control and flexibility, minimizing or eliminating technology/vendor limitations or lock-in.


A Culture of Productivity is about the speed and quality of delivery coupled with the understanding that the results are what matter the most. At Surround, software development is centered on this. We work toward motivating and empowering people to achieve organizational goals and creating a culture that is rooted in the "Get it done - results matter" philosophy.

The Right Things Done Right

Foundationally, Surround works with you to align your Strategies, People, Processes and Tools to get the right things done rapidly and with high quality.

It's all about developing faster, developing better and developing more and is what we call developing smarter.

Together, let’s assess where you are now and where you wish to be in the future to define a strategy that gets you there over a time frame that makes sense for the business. Every company's journey is unique and our broad industry experience in hundreds upon hundreds of projects grants us the vision to help define your road map effectively.

The right people are integral to any business, and that applies to your software development team too. Unfortunately, software technologies are constantly changing making it harder to keep up as well as to keep team members proficient in all that is needed.

We can help. A lot. If it’s training and mentoring that’s called for, we can deliver it. If it’s staff augmentation, we have the expertise. If a project is better out-sourced, we can handle it. The best part is, you’ve found a partner that is happiest when the relationship is right-sized for maximum effect. The right talent, at a reasonable cost, that meets the goals, turning your software investments into solutions that have a real return.

It’s how Surround Technologies got its reputation for delivering robust software solutions and built long-term partnerships. So whether you need just a little help, or a partner to be your turnkey software development team, let us help you establish your productivity culture around your business led development.

You need to be able to provide clear details about a project and set the appropriate expectations for the users and business executives alike. This means you need to be able to accurately assess and estimate a projects scope, effort and time line; define and communicate a strategy; and execute to and through delivery. This is no easy task and is why the vast majority of software development projects never get started, are canceled, fail to deliver what is needed, cost more than budgeted or justifiable and/or are completed too late to help.

Surround starts with great processes that are foundationally sound and proven. They are continually improved upon as things change. They flexibly adapt to business needs, yet are defined enough to maintain consistency and productivity.

Our proven, repeatable, scalable, agile software development processes successfully deliver software from concept to production and beyond. Battle-tested project after project, they deliver solutions the users love and all within budget and on time.

Part of producing winning software solutions is knowing which tools to employ in any given situation. You want to start with best-of-breed, proven technologies; utilize stable edge technologies to advance capabilities; evaluate bleeding edge technologies only when necessary; and build solutions when nothing else will do.

At Surround, we are always looking at and evaluating technologies so that you don't have to. We select tools and build our Accelerator solutions to further accelerate the development process, letting developers unlock productivity, creativity and innovation. And for any new challenges you may have that demand something else, we know how to evaluate and test technologies to possibly find something that can help.

Productivity for the whole company

Developers are buried and software stays in development when it should be helping move the company forward.

Going beyond the Development Team

As your Development team adopts a culture of productivity, they will see the objective of software differently. They will think of it in terms of how the culture of productivity can be realized throughout the organization, for business partners, and for your customers. Just like they think about their development strategies, processes, people and tools, so too will they think about that for the people that use the software they build. They will think about it that way, discuss it that way, estimate and plan it that way.

Altogether, the approach allows you to deliver high-quality software quickly to the people that need it. Then, having supplied new functionality with superior usability baked-in, you’ll have founded a culture of productivity for your users. You’ll have improved the way they get work done.

It’s a culture that gets the return on the investment the business is looking for - every single day. It’s a culture with productive software that people love.

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