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Software Modernization and Transformation We'll get you from here to there.

Surround Technologies revolutionizes the way you can modernize, transform and replace your legacy systems. Reuse legacy interfaces, programs and data that's still useful, build new functionality your business needs, and evolve your applications continuously.

Surround's Modernization Solutions Include:

  • IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) Modernization
  • IBM z Systems Modernization
  • Windows Application Modernization
  • Web Application Modernization
  • Database Modernization
  • Automated Modernization
  • Tool assisted re-architecting/rewrite
  • Business Rules Extraction

Understand where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there.

We get it - legacy systems are often huge!

There is a heavy investment in these systems that were built and grown over decades of time. They run the entire business. With many, perhaps 100s, 1,000s or even 10,000s of users. There are Millions of lines of code and thousands of screens. Some of the people that wrote this code may not even be around anymore. And some of you may not even have the source code!!

In addition, Technology is growing and changing at an ever faster pace and developing software for them is all new to you. This may be leaving you a little daunted. You may not be really sure where to start or if what you are being asked to do is even possible.

With Surround Technologies you can:

  • Leverage our process and experience to define your current and future software states along with an evolutionary roadmap to a fully modernized solution through low risk, short, agile, incremental releases.
  • Change how you develop software with a strategy that evolves and adapts your legacy systems at your pace based on business-led needs.
  • Adopt comprehensive modernization strategies and solutions that address both immediate tactical needs and strategic long-term modernization requirements with no limitations or proprietary lock-in.
  • Utilize analysis and automation tools to gain greater insights and accelerated software development

Increase your responsiveness to business requests

Legacy systems are usually based on inflexible technology, poorly documented code, and require specialized skill sets to be maintained. This makes them difficult, slow, and expensive to adapt to new business needs.

With Surround Technologies you can:

  • Build modern applications faster with better quality and more functionality. You'll deliver a complete enterprise application in weeks instead of months.
  • Reuse meaningful parts of your legacy systems and add the new features your business is asking for, in a matter of hours.
  • Provide your developers with the tools to deliver modern software quickly and update their skill sets over time as needed.

Reduce your technical debt and STOP incurring more

Too much technical debt can “bankrupt” Software projects

Technical debt Results from applying changes that degrade data and software architecture where each set of changes increases time and cost of applying future changes.

Software projects can hit the equivalent of bankruptcy when current software no longer serves a foundation for future state business evolution; changes beyond simple fixes are too costly and time consuming to pursue; major business initiative are taken off the table, escalating concerns to senior executives; or when software transformation options narrow dramatically and transformation costs and efforts increase significantly. No where is this more prevalent and apparent than in legacy software. Unfortunately, many solutions available only serve to provide short term tactical change while increasing that technical debt.

With Surround Technologies you can:

  • Re-architect your software using modern technologies, best-of-breed software architecture and standardized software generation which incurs ZERO technical debt
  • Modernize with a strategy that isolates and reuses legacy interface, programs and databases to not only stop incurring additional debt, but to also reduce the existing technical debt.
  • Utilize analysis tools that helps to cleanse out unused code that has built up over time but is not readily apparent that it can be removed form the system or deprecated over time.

Eliminate Risk and Avoid Lock-in

Modernizing legacy systems is not a simple task. Your new applications need to be robust, ready to scale and maintainable in the long run. And, you need to be able to continue to run your business during the process!

With Surround Technologies Solutions you'll have technology that can cover all your immediate tactical and strategic long-term modernization project needs, but that doesn't lock you in:

  • Applications are built for maximum performance, and are ready to scale from day one;
  • You will fully modernized yor application over time through low risk, short, agile, incremental releases.
  • If you ever decide to stop using Surround's Solutions, you have ALL the code, fully documented and readable, and you can continue to maintain your applications without anything needed from us.