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Rapid Software Prototyping
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Get a Real Working Application for the Same Investment as Typical Mock-ups

Prototyping is a tool to help companies articulate or bring to life solutions to problems. It is both an art and a science to turn ideas and concepts into just enough working software to demonstrate your vision to the business.

We are experts at designing, developing and deploying software and services. We offer many services for organizations looking at prototyping and other ways to add value throughout the product development processes. We can typically create working live prototypes within days, sometimes even hours.

Some of the things that make up our Rapid Prototyping Service are:

  1. Understanding and articulating your strategic intent.
  2. Identifying and defining customer problems, needs, and wants.
  3. Defining and validating how your product innovation will create a return and lasting value for your customers & business.
  4. Design the user experience and workflow.
  5. Develop real working software prototypes (no smoke-and-mirror mockups).
  6. Define preliminary product requirements along with development plans and estimates.
  7. Provide Documents, PowerPoints, and Web Pages to help you build a business case with a clear message.

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