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These are a few solutions that we have developed over the years that you may also find helpful to increasing your and your companies productivity.

Universal FTP (UFTP) for IBM i (Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries, and System i)

A file transfer automation utility for the IBM i, Universal FTP (UFTP) for IBM i allows you to easily retrieve, send, and manage data files between local and remote hosts regardless of the host platform type or operating system. Transferring files is typically an interactive, manually intensive, and error prone task. UFTP product simplifies and automates this distribution and management of data by vastly improving upon the standard, proven File Transfer Protocol, FTP, process. See the full product details ...

Solutions for LANSA

Let Surround Technologies be your LANSA experts

Surround Technologies has formed a distinct presence in the LANSA community due to our history of firsts and vast experience with the various LANSA products. We have experience in fulfilling different needs in all stages of LANSA development to a diverse clientele in a wide range of industries.

LANSA Development Services

While we no longer develop new solutions of our own using the LANSA Development Tools, we do continue to maintain and support our existing solutions for our customers as well as perform other professional services around the toolset. If you are looking for LANSA development assistance, we have the best consultants in the business.

  • Development Standards Surround has well defined development standards to increase developer efficiency both for the initial development as well as the long term maintenance.
  • A Structured Methodology and Architecture Get your development team working seamlessly on the same page with the well-defined structured development methodology and a robust core software architecture. It speeds up development, reduces maintenance, and allows developers to concentrate on business functionality.
  • Productive User Experience Our Consultants can help you to define superior usability by facilitating the development of a productive user interface that can impact business efficiency and profitability, every day.
  • Migration away from LANSA If you are looking for a path forward and away from this proprietary development technology, we know it inside and out and have already helped several companies successfully switch to .NET-based development through a low-risk, phased process.

For more information, contact us at (973) 743-1277 or by email at

Accelerator for Visual LANSA

The Accelerator for Visual LANSA is an essential framework and toolkit for Developers building Windows and Web apps using the Visual LANSA Development tools. See full product details