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Demo the CloudServices24x7 Apps built with Accelerator in 15 Minutes

CloudServices 24x7
Responsive Web App

Be sure to give it a go on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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CloudServices 24x7
Native Windows App

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CloudServices 24x7
Supporting Website

Website built with Accelerator CMS. Why? Because we could.

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What's Included in the Demo Apps

It may be very easy to miss how much is included in the demo app, so here are some things to try out and think about.

  • This was built in 15 minutes! Yes, Really. ALL of it. In 15 minutes.
  • N-tiered, service-oriented, loosely couple, modular architecture. Read more about our robust architecture.
  • Both Windows and Responsive Web Applications. Be sure to install and try both Apps and even see how they work together.
  • Mobile Ready. Try out the responsive Web app on mobile too. It works great!
  • Be sure to go through the app thoroughly and see all the productive UX features provided by Accelerator without any coding necessary
  • Try them out in different languages

Below are some screen shots:

CloudServices 24x7 Web App Demo on a desktopCloudServices 24x7 Web App Demo on a desktop.
CloudServices 24x7 Web App Demo on a mobileCloudServices 24x7 Web App Demo on a mobile device.
CloudServices 24x7 Windows App DemoCloudServices 24x7 Windows App Demo.
CloudServices 24x7 Web App Demo on a desktop in JapaneseCloudServices 24x7 Web App Demo on a desktop in Japanese.
CloudServices 24x7 Windows App Demo in JapaneseCloudServices 24x7 Windows App Demo in Japanese.

What is CloudServices24x7?

CloudServices24x7 is a fictitious company created by Jim Buck and WMCPA to support the material included with his Programming in ILE RPG book. At the 2016 WMCPA conference the Legacy IBM i system used in the materials of that book were used as a UI Modernization challenge. The Common User Group then picked it up and used it at their Conferences where they created a special IBM i Legacy System UI Modernization Education track.

Modernization vendors were given the same set of IBM i programs, files, and 5250 Green-screen UI with the task of using their tools during a 75-minute session to create a modernized system. Attendees were able to see live how each vendor approached the same problem. Surround crushed it of course!

CloudServices 24x7 Database DiagramCloudServices 24x7 Database Diagram
  • 4 Physical Files
  • 45 Fields
  • 3 File Relationships
CloudServices 24x7 Legacy IBM i Green Screen AppCloudServices 24x7 Legacy IBM i Green Screen App
  • 1 Program
  • 5 Screens
    + one Prompt

Want more information on the Challenge?

Great. Check out the CloudServices24x7 Website for more information on Common's Challenge and Surround's Winning Solution. Oh, and yes, that site was built using Accelerator's Built-in CMS.

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